Marketing Presentation

I have a meeting on 1st of February and I would like to impress my bosses with a nice Marketing/Promotion Presentation. Also I would like to add new ideas for the New year. ANy suggestions? Not only for Marketing Templates but also for impressive Marketing Tools. After looking around, I learned — I always liked the following format when making a presentation: 1. Tell them what you are going to tell them (Preview) 2. Tell them, that is, (Elaborate on each point) 3. Then tell them what you told them (Review) I would plan on limiting the presentation to somewhere around 20 minutes. You don’t want to bore them and put them to sleep. And so today, people don’t have the attention span to sit through a long presentation. Everyone is to use to being entertained. I would also try not to make too many points, probablly around 3 or 4 will be enough. Also make sure you have a “leave behind” in case your audience wants to review your work. Each point that you make should be supported with good solid evidence, and not heresay or “weather reports”. So your presentation may go like this: And so today I want to present to you: A. . . B. . . . C. . . Now lets take a closer look at each of these: Point A. . . 1. Suppoort with evidence 2. Support with additional evidence 3. Support with additional evidence Point B. . 1. Suppoort with evidence 2. Support with additional evidence 3. Support with additional evidence Point C. . 1. Suppoort with evidence 2. Support with additional evidence 3. Support with additional evidence Now lets review what we covered today. 1. Quick synopsis of Point A 2. Quick synopsis of Point B 3. Quick synopsis of Point C. You said you want to do a marketing/promotion presentation. Promotion is part of marketing. Here’s my simple definition of marketing and the 4P’s: Marketing is taking a product and positioning it just right so that it reaches your target audience which could be other businesses or the general consumer. Marketing is mostly best explained in terms of the 4-P’s. Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Product – The thing that you want to sell, and you have refined it so that it is exactly what your target audience wants. Price – The amount that you charge for the product so that the target audience will recognize it as an excellent value. Place – This has to do with distribution of your product. How best to get your product to the target audience. It can deal with a host of things, such as warehousing, trucking, the availability of UPS etc. Etc. Promotion – This has to do with the way you notify your target audience of you product. It might be direct mail, point of sale displays, special events, radio, TV, newspaper advertising etc. My point is that it will be virtually impossible to do a presentation on marketing as it contains so many variables. Your company probably has a product manager, a sales manger who is involved in pricing. A distribution manger who is charge of getting the product to the target audience, and likely a promotion manager who is invoved with advertising and special events etc. So I think you should try to concentrate on just one small aspect of the 4 P’s You did mention promotion so lets concentrate on that: Here’s a list that from which you may want to pick an item or two or three and elaborate on them: Radio advertising TV advertising Newspaper advertising Magazine advertising Professional business periodicals Internet advertising Direct Mail advertising Special event participation Sponsorships Point of sale displays Billboards Slogans Logos Novelties You probably can come up with a few more. If I was doing the presentation I would do it in a Powerpoint format. This way you have two alternatives of showing it. Either on the computer screen or by projector. If a projector is available use it. It allows you more freedom of movement, and it looks better too. Do you know how to get to Carneige Hall. Practice, practice, practice. My point is that the actual presentation should not be the first time you present the material. Try making the presentation to yourself in front of a mirror; then graduate to an audience of one, then get a group of friends and present it to them. You’ll be amazed on how this will build your confience, and you’ll likely get good feed back from these mini presntations. The day of the presentation make sure you have everything set-up and ready to go. You don’t want to be fumbling around; this won’t impress your bosses. If the presentation is scheduled for 9am on Feb. 1 you should be saying at exactly 9am GOOD MORNING, DURING THE NEXT 20 MINUTES I WILL. . . Good Luck